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Kingswood by 25th Century Games


Squire's Quest, A solo and co-op,
small box card game.

What the industry thinks…

Tristam’s passion is contagious! He pours a lot of love into his work and that is the type of person I want to partner with!

James HudsonOwner at Druid City Games. Senior Director of Tabletop Games at Skybound Entertainment

Tris is an ideal illustrator to partner with — lightning fast delivery, crystal-clear communication and just dripping with talent! I can’t wait to work on another project with him!

Ben HarkinsOwner at Floodgate Games

Tris is an immensely talented artist. Combine that with his passion for the hobby, creates a combination that really shines through in his work and the worlds he helps build.

Chad ElkinsOwner of 25th Century Games

A true professional, Tristam will go above and beyond your expectations to deliver incredible works of art. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Derek FunkhouserBoard Game Spotlight

Tristam Rossin, a committed Fantasy Artist and Game Creator is one to watch out for! Having worked with Tristam I hold a high regard for his skills, game design and attention to detail.

Rene’ BatsfordCo-Founder, Lonewolf AR

We reached out to Tris with the brief of designing some bespoke artwork, what we received was a series of highly detailed, branded artwork that far exceeded our expectations.

Tim JonesDirector of Marketing at Geopost UK - ‎DPDgroup

Tris and I worked together on an idea for a children’s book. His illustrations were and are a thing of beauty. He manages to convey both humour and emotion in the same frame. He also has a fabulous attention to detail making his work worth revisiting time after.

Dom JolyComedian, Writer, Journalist

Squire’s Quest Games

Board Game Design, Illustration and Marketing.

I’m Tris, I’ve been working as a professional Illustrator and designer for 20 years. Over that period I’ve held senior roles in educational design which gives me a unique insight into how games can be perceived with specific target audiences in mind. I’m trained in helping games take on the essence of visual learning which helps simplify, engage and improve game mechanics and design.

On this site you’ll see live projects that Squire’s Quest Games is developing and publishing. Alongside this you’ll see games I’ve worked on for other companies.

I’m also available for game commissions and consultancy, get in touch if you have a game idea you’d like to bring to market, I’d love to help.

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